About Jon Edmunds, CGA CPA in Calgary, AB

I have been practicing in Calgary for 20+ years and I have a passion for what I do. My unique experience comes from many years of working with many different types of clients in various different fields of business. I bring all of that experience to you, to enable your business and yourself to meet your specific accounting and tax related needs.

In addition to myself, I have three other staff members who provide a variety of services. Jon’s specialty is income tax. He has always had an exceptional awareness in developing income tax strategies that create tax efficiencies. Tanya and Donna are the senior accountants and both are thoroughly skilled in all matters dealing with bookkeeping and payroll. Tanya is fluent in preparing personal income tax. Donna is a Quickbooks Pro advisor. Susan provides administrative support and ensures that the firm runs smoothly.


What sets us apart is we are approachable and speak in layman’s terms. The rather complex world of accounting and tax is explained in terms that our clients understand. Time is taken to listen to our clients. We actually hear what our clients are saying, and work with them to provide solutions to their needs.

Our fees are competitive and affordable. They reflect the small business environment that our clients are in.

Our role is to ensure that you and your business remain compliant with your accounting and tax requirements. All of the required filings and bookkeeping will be prepared accurately and filed in a timely manner. We also pride ourselves in our ability to assess your current bookkeeping practices and determine if positive changes can be made to reduce time and costs.

Why Choose Jon Edmunds, CGA

  • Free initial consultation without obligation
  • Qualified and experienced accountant
  • Friendly and competent staff